The UK’s population is growing older and living for longer, driving a demographic shift that is already having far-reaching implications across society. By 2030 the number of people in the UK aged a60 or over is estimated to increase to 20 million – up 31% from today’s figure of 15.3 million – and expected to climb higher still in the early years after.

This growth has led to unprecedented pressure on an already stretched NGS and social care system , and serious consideration needs to be given to how the UK’s infrastructure can be harnessed more effectively to guarantee their future sustainability.

Reimagining Ageing explores the urgent need to support people maintain active, healthy lifestyles, throughout their lives, and particularly in their old age. This requires national ambition and focus – with specific roles to play from government, the NGS and healthcare communities, and the public and private sectors – and all of which should be underpinned by a physical activity sector equipped with the facilities, workforce, products and services necessary to engage and support a society growing older.