In less than five years, the DataHub has gathered data from half a billion visits by more than eight million people to 2,000 leisure facilities, making it by far the UK’s largest sports and activity database. To put this extraordinary milestone into context, that’s the number of books JK Rowling has sold and five times the number of worldwide Amazon members or, put another way, half the population of India.

Founded in 2013, the DataHub is a virtual repository for sports and leisure data. It holds information from more than more than 90 operators and sports delivery partnersand offers the industry the chance to unlock the potential of its data, and, for the first time, make business decisions based on insight, not instinct.

Utku Toprakseven, partner and director of Sports Intelligence at 4global, which manages the DataHub, says: “The 500 million visit milestone was a target we set for ourselves in the early days of the DataHub journey. Achieving it in under five years means we’re one step closer to bringing the DataHub vision to life – getting the nation healthier and more active by sharing up-to-date, reliable intelligence, so those investing within the sector can make more informed decisions.”

More than 100 businesses and 4,500 users in the leisure sector are now making strategic and operational decisions based on the actionable insight generated by the DataHub, rather than relying on gut instinct and what ‘feels right’. Using a series of modules, organisations can now benchmark performance, analyse key drivers of success, plan targeted interventions and evidence outcomes, leading to stronger businesses, satisfied customers and, ultimately, a more active nation.

Toprakseven continues: “We at 4global feel extremely proud to be managing the largest repository of sports and physical activity data in the UK, providing accurate intelligence in co-operation with the DataHub Partners and under the guidance of the sector-led Steering Group. We invite the sector to join us in this exciting journey and unlock the potential of its data.”

Data has already helped to grow the sports and activity industry from a niche lifestyle sector to a thriving industry. No longer a weak link, data now has the potential to empower DataHub Club members to maximise economic and social returns for their organisation, customers and communities they operate in. Ultimately, strong and reliable data will lead to acknowledgement by government that this sector is integral to future health of our nation and economy.


About 4global

4global is an international sports management consultancy helping to shape the future of sport. We use our experience, evidence-based intelligence, new technologies and data-led insight to empower our clients. We are constantly evolving to achieve our vision of becoming the number one trusted advisor in sport. Our clients include international sports federations, national governing bodies of sports, national and local governments and leisure and fitness operators.

We offer our clients access to a world-class sports consultancy team, who have unparalleled expertise in Strategy, Major Events and Sports Planning. We also provide unique intelligence and cutting-edge data services to empower our clients to engage with and manage their members and customers.

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