DataHub Steering Group consists of representatives of sector leading organisations providing strategic direction, guidance and advice on the standardisation and use of data processed in the DataHub.


To bring together leaders across the sports and leisure sector in the UK in order to:

  • Actively encourage and drive data sharing across the sector
  • Develop and agree principles and practices for shared data use
  • Develop and agree common data and data access standards
  • Share best practice
  • Promote the work of the group including identifiable benefits from these activities.


In order to achieve the overall purpose, a number of sector leaders have stated their commitment to establish and maintain a single cross sector group as leaders of the data sharing initiative, comprising of:

  • Sports funding bodies
  • National governing bodies
  • Leisure centre operators
  • County sports partnerships
  • Local and national delivery partners
  • Relevant data integrators and processor.


MEMBERSHIP: to support data sharing across the sector to achieve a critical mass of data that can be processed in order to generate intelligence that will benefit all those that share data.

DATA TRANSFER: to oversee arrangements for the successful transfer and integration of data initially through leisure management and participation registration systems used by operators and delivery partners.

DATABASE: to establish objectives and codes of practice for data sharing and to promulgate data quality standards for the sector so that data integration is fit for purpose.

MODULE DEVELOPMENT: to support the definition and development of modules to access and use sector data for member benefits and the common good.

SHARING BEST PRACTICE: to support the development and publication of best practice in the management and use of information and data across the sector.

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