Social value is now at the heart of strategic investment into sport and physical activity. Through Social Value Calculator, every Active Partnership is uniquely placed to automatically understand the value being created at any point in time from a wide variety of local and national delivery partners, in a consistent, standardised and accurate way.

The tool to monetise your activity

Using evidence based academic research, undertaken by SIRC (Sheffield Hallam University) and funded by DCMS and Sport England, the Social Value Calculator (SVC) gives Active Partnerships the ability to accurately measure and value the impacts of sports and physical activity they and partners offer in monetary terms.

Operational data and sector wide benchmarking

The Active Partnership can benchmark values, track trends, break values down into specific indicators under health, education, crime and mental health/ wellbeing, all aligned with DCMS and Sport England outcomes.

The module also maps out where this value is created by activity programmes and delivery partners, allowing the Active Partnership to work alongside delivery organisations and commissioning bodies to ensure investment and interventions are always reaching areas of highest need.



  • Social Value key performance indicators – In monetary terms, evidence the saving physical activity any facility or programme is making to the local community, with drill down options to specific indicators. Access values and percentage change, split annually, quarterly and monthly
  • Sector benchmarks and the ability to help partners benchmark against similar organisation groups.

Map and Filter results

  • Filter the community savings by strategic demographic groups, activity programmes, and over different time periods. This is ideal for external reporting and is aligned with other contextual data such as deprivation, population density and a dynamic ‘risk of inactivity’ layer. This demonstrates how effective local and national delivery partners are at targeting high value gaps that delivery significant community savings.


  • Gives stakeholders an accurate and credible indication of the social value created from investment in sport and physical activity.
  • Supports funding applications and programme commissioning while identifying areas with high social value potential through targeted activity.
  • Transparent evidencing of community impact of any programme or facility to align savings to specific social areas (supports create funding partnerships with non-traditional organisations that now have a clear line of sight on how to use physical activity as a vehicle to achieve their own objectives e.g. charities).
  • Using local socio-economic and lifestyle data to profile participants (including the Risk of Inactivity layer), the model is appreciative of local contexts e.g. areas of high deprivation.

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