With the continued growth in the number of members the DataHub Club is now fundamentally changing how community sport and leisure is delivered and planned – driven by straightforward, consistent and robust participation and business intelligence.

Frequently Asked Questions

Who manages the DataHub?
The DataHub is the result of a collaborative project, administered by 4 global’s Sport Intelligence practice, with modules delivered by approved sport and leisure sector DataHub Partners to agreed standards, all governed by the DataHub Steering Group consisting of sector peers. The core goal of the DataHub project is to provide a co-operative platform by which the sector can collaborate to achieve mutual objectives, including increased participation and commercial return from programmes and facilities.
What are the benefits of using the DataHub?
As operators, the DataHub allows you to track and manage the operational and financial performance of your organisation and sites using data standards. Sector wide insight then helps to identify under performance and pinpoint real-world growth opportunities. Through the DataHub you can target and track interventions and a return on investment.
How much does it cost?
DataHub access is free for any operator or delivery partner. Subject to an integration being in place between your leisure management/ participant registration system provider and the DataHub (for which the DataHub does not charge and operates an open door policy), every operator/ delivery parter gets access to a dedicated account management module (Passport), the data cleaning and standards alignment module (Data Integrity) and the Sport Benchmarking module for free. Additional integrated modules for reporting, marketing, insight, and intelligence are provided directly by leading industry specialist Partners for an annual subscription fee.
How does data reach the DataHub?
Working with major leisure management and participant registration systems across the sector, data extract tools have been created to automatically extract data from sport & leisure management systems and push to the DataHub repository either daily or weekly. This can often be remotely setup and managed by your respective LMS provider, otherwise it typically takes 10 minutes to install a patch which runs in the background on your current software.
Is the data secure?
Yes. There are stringent security policies and procedures in place across all DataHub Partners and as operators, all DataHub Club members are asked to sign a Data Use Agreement that is GDPR compliant. Benchmark data is shared anonymously across operators and an organisation’s own data is never, and will never, be visible to any third parties without prior consent. Data is always aggregated, therefore no personal data is ever visible or can be accessed.
How do I join?
If you are a facility operator or delivery partner then joining is easy, quick and free. Please contact us to request the Data Use Agreement. One of the team will then be in touch within 48 hours to discuss the integration and setup of your DataHub account.

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